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DAIZO is continuously improving its aerosol products, to give its customers a more comfortable life and to help protect the global environment.

In 1999, Japan produced approx. 600 million aerosol products. The manufacture and consumption of aerosol products cause environmental and waste disposal problems.
The research and development staff of DAIZO's aerosol division is squarely tackling with those problems. DAIZO aerosol products include cosmetics, insecticides, toiletries, and household goods and pharmaceuticals. To help provide a more comfortable life for its customers and to protect the global environment, DAIZO is continuously improving those products. We aim to develop the world's finest aerosol production system, providing comprehensive and seamless service, from manufacturing to waste disposal

Aerosol responsible care by DAIZO

In the history of aerosol technology, scientific research and commercial product deveropment have long been intertwined. Aerosol products were first used to provide insect protection for combat soldiers in World War ll. In the 50 years since then, the benefits and comfort provided by aerosol products have made them indispensable in mondern daily life. As a leading company in the aerosol industry, we aren't just waiting for orders from customers; we are developing new products in close collaboration with our customers--aerosol products that have never been achieved before.
We are creating new markets, stepping forward in confidence as an excellent company, helping to provide a better life for our customers. After-sales service is by no means a new concept at DAIZO. But we go further than that with our strong belief in "advance service". We are always developing new and better aerosol products, to meet all our customers' needs. Furthermore, as an aerosol company providing every service from production to waste disposal, we are fully aware of our social and environmental responsibilities. We earn public trust by helping to preserve the global environment. Evidence of our commitment includes our iso 14001 compliance awards.