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About Aerosol

About Aerosol

Quality products manufactured through the integration of high technology and human sense.

Daizo has built a total and seamless production system, entirely of in-house processes, from material preparation to loading and shipping. Flexible production lines, which meet increasing demands for "small-lot, wide-variety" manufacturing,, are combined with lines for stable, high-speed production as an optimal system. Highly advanced, computerized facilities and equipment are employed for processes in which management and high speed processing are essential.Daizo's high-grade production system integrates high technology with human sense.

What's are aerosol product?

Aerosol products are delivered as a mist or foam, through a valve using the pressure of liquid or compressed gases. When a button is pressed, the valve opens and a mixture of product and injection gas is released through the valve via a dip tube.
The mixture then abruptly expands to form a fine mist or foam Unlike pump type sprays, aerosol products are characterized by the energy they have : to generate a fine mist or foam without external force.Thus, aerosol products refer to those that use injection gases.

Special Features of aerosol product

  1. Ease of use;any time you need it,in the amount you need,without soiling your hands.
  2. Excellent sealing allows a long shelf life for the contents.Internal positive pressure prevents external substances from entering.This guards against decomposition or deterioration caused by contaminats,oxygen and/or moisture.
  3. The abrupt vaporization of injected materials gives the product user a cool and refreshment.
  4. Injection shape and particle size can be easily controlled by the injection gas and injection mechanism.