Aerosol DivisionAbout Aerosol Division


Aug.1954 Aerosol Industries Corporation was founded
Dec.1954 Completed construction of Osaka Plant.
Mar.1955 Obtained approval from the japanese government for concluding license agreement with the Risdon Manufacturing Company, U.S.A.
Jan.1956 Completed facilities to manufacture metered spray perfumes.
Nov.1957 Changed the name of Company to 〃Osaka Aerosol Industries Corporation〃.
Aug.1960 Opened Tokyo Office.
Jan.1963 Completed construction and started operation of Kyoto Plant.
Mar.1964 Completed construction and started operation of Tokyo Plant.
Mar.1965 Became a member of FEA.
Jun.1966 Concluded licecse agreement with Aerosol corporation of America,U.S.A.
Oct.1978 Completed construction of No.3 Factory at Kyoto Plant.
Feb.1979 Concluded licecse agreement with Enterprise U.S.A., on aerosol paint, etc.
Nov.1979 Completed expansion of No.1 Factory and Warehouse at Tokyo Plant.
Mar.1980 Completed expansion of R&D facilities.
Sept.1986 Completed construction of GMP Factory and Warehouse at Tokyo Plant.
Nov.1988 Completed Product Mixing Factory at Tokyo Plant.
Oct.1989 Completed Product Mixing Factory at Kokyo Plant.
Dec.1989 Completed re-arrangement and modernization of GMP line at Kyoto Plant.
Feb.1990 Completed No.2 Factory at Tokyo Plant.
Dec.1990 Completed No.3 Factory at Tokyo Plant.
Apr.1993 Merged with Osaka Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd. to become Osaka AerosolIindustries Division.
Oct.1994 Osaka Aerosol Industries Division was moved to head office building.
Dec.1994 Established Shanghai Jiangnan Dazao Aerosol Industries Co.,Ltd. (joint-venture with Jiangnan Shipyard, Shanghai)
Mar.1996 Completed Shanghai Plant.
Jul.1997 Changed the name of division to 〃Aerosol Division〃.
Oct.1999 Changed the name of Shanghai Jiangnan Dazao Aerosol Industries Co.,Ltd. to SHANGHAI DAIZO AEROSOL CO.,LTD(SDA).
Aug.2000 Established Thai Daizo Aerosol Co.,Ltd (TDA) in Chonburi province, Thailand
Oct.2000 Abolished the name of Aerosol Division due to an organizational change.
Mar.2001 Kyoto Plant obtained ISO 14001
Sep.2001 Established a business alliance so-called One Asia Network with PAX Australia Pty.
Oct.2002 Tokyo Plant obtained ISO 14001
Sep.2013 One Asia Network and Colep Portugal S.A. , a major aerosol contract filler in Europe, concluded a business alliance agreement to capture the global
Mar.2014 Established Zhangjiagang Daizo Aerosol Co. Ltd (ZDA) in Jiangsu province, China