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'Three R'Ecology

DAIZO'S "Three R" Ecology

As a leading company in the aerosol industry, Daizo is fully aware of its social responsibilities.
We think and act for the good of the environment, and for the safe manufacture and consumption of aerosol products. Our "Three R" concept (reduce, reuse, recycle) means that we place the highest priority on environmental preservation and harmony with nature. Daizo is developing aerosol products that are friendly to human health and the environment.


We reduce the use of LPG and ethanol by replacing them with air, nitrogen and water. We also promote the use of compressed air and water. Furthermore, we are developing a method to increase the concentration of original liquids while reducing the amount of gas and solvent by reducing container size.


We support the reuse of plastic components and the development of reusable compression packaging materials.


We reduce the use of plastic for aerosol containers recycling performance.