Daizo Corporate InformationCompany Profile / Management Philosophy / Management Policy

Company Profile

Trading Name Daizo Corporation
Date of Incorporation 25th Apr 1936
Capital 310 million yen
Managing Director Taketoshi Aikawa
Headquarters 3-1-201 Fukusaki, Minato-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 552-0013, Japan
Number of Employees 817 (as at the end of July 2018)
Annual gross sales 42,368 million yen (91st Fiscal Year)
Description of Business Manufacturing and distribution of aerosol products
Manufacturing and distribution of special lubricants
Manufacturing and distribution of bicycle parking facilities
Ship repair and maintenance, and construction work for iron and steel structures

Management Philosophy

  • 1. To ensure prosperity for local people and the community, and people around the world, through providing world-class products and services.
  • 2. To respect the earth's natural environment and to value harmony with it, while remaining deeply conscious of our social responsibilities.
  • 3. To perform our duties aspiring to freedom and happiness for ourselves and our future generations, while following the principles of "Fairness, Righteousness and Justice" to contribute to the region, the nation and the world.

Management Policy

  • 1. To aspire to be a high value-added, highly profitable enterprise.
  • 2. To always put the customer first and to constantly pursue advanced technology and high quality, while always striving to be a company that creates highly original products.
  • 3. To conduct ourselves according to the core principles of "Fairness, Righteousness and Justice," and to strive to be a company that earns the "Trust" of others.
  • 4. To respect "Freedom of spirit and flexible thinking" in others, and to strive to be a free-thinking company with a broadminded approach.
  • 5. To strive to be a company that can adapt to change by making individual vitality a part of its corporate framework.