Daizo Corporate InformationMessage from the President

"Enriching society through high quality products and technology"

In the modern age, during an era of significant fluctuation in the global economy, politics and our society, companies need to adapt promptly and flexibly to changes in the external environment. As we adapt to changes in our environment we need to maintain a sense of balance and individuality, and to remain strong in the face of challenges and adversity.

Daizo has developed a business that has evolved out of its core strengths in shipbuilding, a key Japanese industry, dealing with changing circumstances for over 80 years since its foundation. Currently, there are four legs to our business: aerosols, special lubricants, land equipment and shipbuilding.

Japan's economy is expected to remain sluggish because of population decline and its aging society. In this era of drastic change and innovation, as well as global competition, the major pillar that supports Japan's economic performance is its technological strength. We must work harder to continually improve our technological capabilities. It is technology that enriches our society. Needless to say, high quality products and technology are created in the workplace through the expertise and professionalism of the employees who work there.

Our sincere desire remains to contribute to the development of a prosperous society based on the principle of an extended family, valuing each of our employees as individuals, in the development of high quality products and technological innovation.

We thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to continued prosperous growth in future.

Taketoshi Aikawa, Managing Director