Privacy Policies

We hereby advise you of the basic privacy policies of Daizo (the "Company") regarding the handling of the customer's personal information.
We shall make every effort to protect such personal information based on the following.

Information collection and purpose of use

  • ・The Company may ask for personal information, for example, when customers use the Company's services or programs.
  • ・The personal information that the Company may request refers to information that enables personal identification (name, email address, postal code, workplace, address, affiliated department, etc.) to enable you to use the Company's services or programs.
  • ・The Company may use this information in general terms for the following 4 purposes:
    1. To customize advertising or content accessed by the customer on the Company's website pages.
    2. To further enhance product or service content.
    3. To notify the customer precisely of special services, new products, etc.
    4. To contact the customer if so required.

Information sharing and disclosure to third parties

  • ・The Company shall not sell or lend personal information.
  • ・The Company may disclose person information to third parties in the following cases:
    1. If the customer agrees to the sharing or disclosure of information.
    2. If the sharing or disclosure of information is recognized to be necessary in order to provide the products and services desired by the customer.
    3. If a proper and legitimate inquiry is received for a court of law, police authorities, etc.
    4. If the customer's conduct on the Company's website is in breach of Website Usage Rules, guidelines, etc., and it is deemed to be necessary in order to protect the Company's rights, property, services, etc.

Information sharing and disclosure to third parties

  • ・The Company in principle seeks to enable the editing at any time of information registered by the customer and the content selected as a result of such registration including whether or not to contact the customer in the event that it offers special services or new products.
  • ・The customer is able to delete their registered ID at any time.

Personal information protection and security

  • ・The Company strives to protect registered personal information by assigning managers in sectors at the Company that handle personal information for its appropriate management with the aim of protecting the privacy and assuring the security of the customer.
  • Security measures shall be devised to the extent possible for the risk of loss, destruction, falsification, divulgence, etc., of personal information as the result of improper access. Please note, however, that the Company does not accept responsibility for the divulgence of personal information due to any of the following.
    1. If personal information is voluntarily disclosed online, for example, on bulletin boards for user comments or is otherwise accessible to anyone.
    2. If email messages or other information are send by the customer.
    3. If a password or other information is divulged by the individual or from a terminal used by the individual.
      Updating privacy polities

Updating privacy polities

  • ・These privacy policies may be revised at any time without prior notice.
    Unless specified otherwise by the Company, such revisions shall become effective when first displayed on the Company's website pages.

Questions and proposals

  • ・If you have any questions or opinions that you would like to convey to the Company, please use the inquiry form.